Wigan Rd, Bryn

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Wigan Rd, Bryn

This is a small backyard, typical in size and similar to most terraced houses in the Wigan area, equally as run down and in need of a makeover.

With limited space, light and budget and the fact that we had dogs to contend with and a fairly large shed taking up a lot of the space in this tiny plot (measuring just 12ft wide and 23ft long with a step down of 15''), the task was set.

To make the most of the light available, a bold light coloured granite paving was chosen. This gave a lot of reflective light back to the garden.

A contemporary styled water feature placed on the upper tier was rendered and planted either side and a timber cladded fence was installed to give more height and privacy to the new sitting area. The outdoor Ratten cube set made the best use of the limited space, as the chairs fit neatly under the table, leaving a tidy, compact furniture set that takes up a minimal amount of space.

We have separated the upper patio from the lower area, which is reserved as a space for the dogs with a block constructed wall, tiled with the same granite as on the floor and a raised bed with a contemporary styled gate left in its original galvanised finish.

We also rendered the extension to help with the overall finish.

The final picture is a photo taken before the work commenced.