Coralin Way, Bryn

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Coralin Way, Bryn

A small, overgrown back garden that we had paved some 2 years previously. We had been asked to clear the weeds and alter the garden's topography and finish off the project.

In with the digger, let's begin!

After the clearance, we carried on cladding the fence. Cladding is always popular as it gets rid of shoddy fence lines without imposing a new fence onto adjacent neighbours.

New concrete walls were formed and then renderered wih K-rend, artwork was added near the patio to break up the expanse of render, which also created another focal point.

Indian stone paving was laid with a delineation line of tegula to give what is a very common yet economical form of paving a little more intrest. The rest of the garden was then prepared to take the artifical grass and planting. A few contemporary planters and furniture (which we supply at 35% less than retail price) were chosen and positioned. A week long transformation and another happy customer...